KFI seeks to facilitate the empowerment of the grassroots communities in Mindanao to collectively transform and improve their total well-being.

What We Do

Community Building and Strengthening (CBS)

Through Community Building and Strengthening (CBS) KFI assists in installing community cooperation mechanisms and increasing the capacity of the members to engage in the community development arena by transforming elements of conflict into cooperation, developing and enhancing leadership skill, enhancing community and organizational management capacities of different structures in place.

CBS has three components. First, to address social issues and people’s relationships, KFI uses community dialogues and negotiation as a method. Second, to open up avenues for people to legitimately express their views and advocate for the interest of the community through a legitimate institution, KFI promotes people’s organization formation and capability building. Finally, KFI promotes participatory local governance to motivate peoples’ organizations to actively involved in local governance.

Human Rights and Good Governance Advocacy and Support (HRGGAS)

Through Human Rights and Good Governance Advocacy and Support (HRGGAS), the level of awareness of grassroots communities on their social well-being is raised through education and promotion of human rights, advocacy of transparency and accountability, and active people’s participation.

Peacebuilding and Disaster Risk Management (PDRM)

Through Peacebuilding and Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) KFI assists communities in addressing vulnerabilities to disasters, both natural and human-induced, engaging in peacebuilding and supporting the peace process. KFI provides trainings, raises awareness on disaster preparedness and management, and helps organize community-based disaster coordinating councils. Relief assistance, shelter, and psychosocial and economic rehabilitation support are extended to survivors of disaster.

PDRM is directed towards forging understanding and cooperation among diverse communities of Mindanao through continuing dialogues and joint activities. KFI promotes the Culture of Peace to reduce prejudice and improve inter-relationships.  PDRM also cultivates critical awareness among the grassroots on the roots of conflict in Mindanao as the basis for finding meaningful and long-term peace. Activities in support to the peace process also encourage greater GO-NGO cooperation, and education on good governance and transparency.

Community Social Services Support (CSSS)

KFI facilitates better access of men and women to basic social services and support facilities essential to the fulfillment of quality, decent and humane living through Community Social Services Support (CSSS). Health and sanitation problems and concerns of the community are addressed. Health services include promotive and preventive health care through the active involvement of health committees. Literacy projects provide basic writing, reading and numeric skills to pre-school, as well as to adult illiterates geared towards greater involvement in the family and community affairs.

Farming Enterprise and Economic Development (FEED)

KFI facilitates improved access of men and women to healthy food and fair income at all times while sustaining the resource base capital of the community through Farming Enterprise and Economic Development (FEED). KFI focuses on the improvement of prevailing farming practices through the introduction of viable farming technologies that are environment friendly and sustainable. Through FEED KFI supports alternative income generating activities for both men and women members of the community by enabling enterprise development and marketing access.

Natural Resource Management and Tenurial Improvement (NMRTI)

KFI addresses issues on the degradation of natural resources through advocacy campaigns and community mobilization, encouraging communities to take active participation in environmental preservation, protection and rehabilitation.  Natural Resource Management and Tenurial Improvement (NRMTI) includes interventions like information, education, and policy advocacy on environmental laws for sustainable resource management. It also aims to facilitate improvement of tenurial security of farmers through the improvement of tenure relationship of the landowners and the tenants, and the acquisition of land ownership such as Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT), and Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOA).

Women and Children/Gender and Development

KFI supports increasing awareness of gender equality, and women’s and children’s rights through continuing education and organizing of support groups to enhance understanding of the role of men and women in society and respect and uphold the rights of children. KFI ensures gender dis-aggregated of data and that the qualitative impacts of gender mainstreaming are tracked. It is made sure that the theories and principles of gender development are translated into the culture of the family at home and to a large extent in the community as a whole.

KFI upholds equality in availing of opportunities and participation of women in the community. The strategies for spreading the culture of gender sensitivity and development are: trainings, advocacy, organizing of support group to enhance understanding of the role of men, women and children in the society, and advocating for the enforcement of policies related to the improvement of women’s status.


Kadtuntaya Foundation, Inc. (KFI) is a non-government, development-oriented organization based in Cotabato City, born out of the need to respond to the socio - economic and cultural needs of the Moro people, particularly in Central Mindanao.

KFI was established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in July 1989.  During its early operation, KFI’s main thrust was to bridge the gap between the Christians and Muslims whose relationship had been stained by decades of conflict and wars.  KFI facilitated dialogues and understanding of Muslims and Christians, reducing prejudices, improving relationships, and forging mutual cooperation. Its focus then, was still in Cotabato City.

In the following years, KFI expanded its areas of concern to include socio - economic programs such as helping organize communities and cooperatives, extending assistance to income-generating projects like malong weaving, and small entrepreneurship (e.g. variety store, small and large livestock raising, buy and sell ventures, among others).

To date, KFI has forty (40) staff facilitating several projects in the areas of Maguindanao Province and Cotabato City.  


KFI envisions politically-empowered, economically-sufficient, environment-friendly, gender-conscious, diverse and culturally-sensitive Mindanao communities that are peacefully co-existing in equality, mutual respect and prosperity.


Facilitating the empowerment of the grassroots communities in Mindanao to collectively transform and improve their total well-being.


  • Strengthening the resilience of grassroots communities in Mindanao to reduce the sources of conflicts and vulnerabilities;
  • Promoting the rights of men, women youth and children, and increasing their participation in good governance and development in Mindanao;
  • Improving Mindanao grassroots access and control of the means of sustainable livelihood and food security;
  • Promoting care of nature and responsible stewardship of the earth; and
  • Developing and sustaining human, financial, and material resources towards the achievement of the Goals and Mission.

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